Trade Venture South America

Sept. 13-23, 2014: Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile

Companies in northeast Wisconsin that wish to expand the scope of their globalbusiness have an extraordinary opportunity in a ten day, three country trade venture toSouth America September 13 - 23.

Colombia, Peru, and Chile are rapidly growing South American economies whose development needs align well with proven capabilities found among Wisconsin industry leaders. Their investments in infrastructure and preference for U.S.-made products make them ideal destinations for proven Wisconsin technology and expertise.

The following sectors will find the trade venture of significant interest:

  • Processed Foods

  • Industrial and Electrical Machinery

  • Agricultural Goods and Equipment (including equipment retailers)

  • Mining & Construction equipment

  • Water and Environmental Technologies

  • Services: Engineering, Architectural, IT, Financial, Business Development

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International Business Development

The statistics confirm that companies that export for growth are more successful overall. But going international profitably will require a significant personnel and time commitment. IBD can take you from "accidental exporting" to planned international growth.


Grow Globally, Start Locally

Working with a local export development professional can help your business reach markets that have shown growth for imports of your product. We can help you find the best markets, make contact with reputable distributors, and target the most productive trade shows to gain international contacts who are interested in what you have to sell.